My Promise

To work with an organisation and supply chain to understand what makes them unique. Building a strategic solution that is right for their situation or project; enabling their continued growth and evolution.


Permanent Employment or Long / Short Term Contracts, for projects and transformational change initiatives across:

  • Strategy: Quickly understanding your market, assessing your unique strengths and opportunities to build a robust plan to realise your vision. While helping make your vision clear and articulated well to your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Finance: Working with your accounts team (internal or external) to link your profit and loss (P&L) to your operational reports and budgets; so you can plan your cash flow and actions to ensure that you’re running your organisation from the front foot.
  • Marketing & Sales: Linking your sales and operations teams together, so your sales align with your delivery. Providing return clients and sustained growth.
  • Operations: Learning from the trends and lessons of your past, while overlaying these with the plans of your future; to create operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for live interactive Dashboards. Allowing the key Managers in the business to manage real-time information, instead of reacting to situations and reporting to figure out why after the fact.
  • People & Culture: Bringing it all together to allow your teams to know when they are doing a great job; enabling them to self regulate healthy norms and culture in line with your vision. Producing high staff engagement and growth potential for all stakeholders.
  • Safety: Understanding the risks for your industry and business, to ensure that you have key measures and tools in place, to know all key safety requirements are being met.
  • Systemisation: Assessing your manual and automated systems to:
    • Ensure you’re getting the most out of them.
    • Mitigate Risk by linking all Key ‘Leading Measures’ together in precise Dashboard reporting solutions.
    • Remove any double handling for a better service offering and cost reduction benefit.
    • Link them all together so you can run your organisation from one set of reports, instead of disjointed information from multiple sources.
    • Weaponise your information to make you a market leader in your industry.
    • Provide a base to assist with ISO accreditation or similar, so you can leverage your offering for future sales.

Achieved by:

  • Building solid relationships with all internal and external stakeholders,
  • Linking strategy to the key ‘leading and lagging’ indicators,
  • Systems development and adoption,
  • Agile program management,
  • Process re-engineering,
  • Integration of relevant performance management methodologies,
  • Working and relating with entrepreneurs and executives to communicate their visions,
  • Building a strategy road map for success,
  • Producing healthy norms and culture to change, allowing ideas to grow and people to thrive.