James Hickey
James Hickey – LinkedIn Profile

Currently CEO for Lifesize Plans - – I am not open to any new Contracts or Board Advisory positions.

J.M.C.S.Progression was founded to provide a more flexible way for Organisations to source Executive Leadership and Support, for Scaling and Transforming their Companies in line with their Vision, Missions and Objectives.

My Vision for J.M.C.S.PROGRESSION and this Website

Why J.M.C.S.Progression?

Having worked globally in Senior Change Management Roles as well as leading and building Organisations across Australia and New Zealand via CEO, General Manager and various Contract positions for over 15 years – I have seen that many Companies need the flexibility to create change relevant to their current and forecast situations.

Dependent on the organisation’s size, financial situation and transformation requirements; a full-time posting might not be the best solution for what is required.

Through J.M.C.S.Progression I am able to offer my services as either a ‘contract offering’ or as a ‘full-time position’ in line with what’s best for the organisation to achieve its vision.

Why this Website?

With over 15 years of scaling and leading companies through countless transformations, you gain a collective knowledge bank to draw from – depending on what any given situation required.

My main objective for this website is to build a categorised digital tool kit, for the common themes and solutions which have been reoccurring to numerous growth strategies over the years.

Providing me with an easy to use guide to facilitate, reference and tailor solutions from what has worked for a myriad of transformation programs over my career. Enabling me to deliver side by side with organisations, to pick what formulas and combinations will synergise with their unique situation and team.

While also provide open access for everyone else to know what I am about. Win-Win.